Check Out The Youtube Page!

My youtube channel has been viewed by over 3000 people (I know, a lot, right? ;)) [NOT]-we hope to change this. Email this channel around! Heres all my vids. I try to regularily update it. The farther down you scroll, the more current the videos get. First is the oldest, and Last is newest.

My first ever vid, and first ever plane.

Radio Shack Zip Zap Monster Truck Review

A Trip To 60 Acres Electric R/C Field with Rc Planes, Helicopters, and rockets.

My First Ever RC Airplane Flight

I Took Dave Herberts Advice: I Made A Wing Saver For My Cessna! Info on how I did it, and how it works.

Megatech HydroFly2 Review: The Worst Investment EVER. DONT BUY THIS PLANE.


Blade MCX Flying With No Canopy, and info on it.

Blade MCX Full Battery Length Flight-The length of the full battery is eight minutes and twenty seconds. Every time I test this, It is always at or around this time by seconds,or right on. This time was eight minutes and twenty three seconds.

FLYING THE BLADE MCX OUTDOORS and other info…plus, my lil bro takes his hands at his FIRST EVER RC heli flight…how does he do? Watch the video to find out for sure… 🙂

BLADE MCX IS A CARGO HELICOPTER! Shown carrying some light cargo.

How Much Weight Can An E-Flite Blade MCX Hold? Heres the answer.

My Dog VS. PiccoZ, an old RC 2 channel heli. This is about 2 years ago.

A Quick Update of Whats Happened In RC Flying With Me Over The Past 6 Months.

EXTRA 250 MAIDEN FLIGHT at Marymoor R/C field. The plane is .25 sized, and REALLY twitchy. We plan to lower the rates on the ailerons and elevators.

E-Flite Enticement Maiden Flight


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