Take a look at the current planes I own, and the info on them.


This is a beautiful ¼ scale sport type plane. It currently is setup with Futaba Servos, and a SuperTigre 1.20. It is a blast to fly!

Note-This is not my plane. I dont have any pics of me with it yet. Stay tuned-I will.

Specs are soon to come.

Extra 250


This is a .25 sized very twitchy SPORT plane. It is meant for experts, and is hard, but fun to fly, because of its aerobatic capabilities.


Wingspan: 44 in (1118mm)
Overall Length: 36 in (914mm)
Flying Weight: 36 oz, from the stock of 30 oz (875 g)
Motor Size: PKZ 480 960Kv outrunner brushless motor (STOCK)
Servos: 3-wire servos (STOCK)
Prop Size: 9.5 x 7.5
Speed Control : E-flite 25A Pro Brushless ESC with Switch Mode BEC (EFLA1030)
Battery: Minimum 3-cell 1800mAh Li-Po battery (STOCK)

Round Board Scratchbuilt Foamy

This plane is not yet ready to fly…needs some equipment-but should be a fun flyer!


Brushless Sport Taildragger (EP)

This is currently my best flying plane. Can do everything aerobatic wise-except a hammer head-or any trick that only uses (mainly) rudder.



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