Extra 250 Maidened! Flew Great, But Control Surface Throws NEED To Be Lowered.

7 07 2009

Motor start up and taxiing: As we taxied the plane out to the runway, we knoticed that the aileron throws were REALLY high, along with the elevator throws. We decided to fly anyway.

Takeoff and upwind climb: As you may see in the video, the plane took some time to takeoff, and once it did, we tried to get it to bank slightly to the left, but it banked a LOT to the left. Once it was up, it was clear this was a VERY twitchy plane and the control throws NEEDED to be lowered.

Flight: The flight was fine, we just had to be sure to use VERY LITTLE aileron. The roll rate was INSANE.

Descent, landing: On base leg, it slowed down fine. The plane turned onto final, and once it was about 20 feet from the runway, we were using aileron to correct the plane to keep lined up with the runway. But, it started to bank left, the right, then left, as it was at flare speed. We sped it up, and it just plopped very softly onto the runway and came to a stop.

Conclusion: The plane flew great, but it needs to be modified to have less control throws. It is an ADVANCED model.




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