E-Flite Enticement Maidened! Flew Like A Trainer, But It Can Do 3D Aerobatics!

7 07 2009

Takeoff and upwind climb: The plane took off in its own length, and flew like a trainer on takeoff. Its roll rate was slow because we were flying it with a 20% filled lipo.

Flight: Flew great! We were flying in 5-10 MPH gusts, and it was a little hard in this, but it took it! I tried to hover, but at that time the battery was so low that I needed full throttle to do it, so I don’t know how it hovers yet. Its rolls were slow, but also because of low battery.

Descent, landing: I had to turn around and come back to final a lot, but once the head wind stopped, it slowly elevatored to the ground and softly landed. We modified it with landing gear, so it is much easier to fly now!

Conclusion: The plane flew great, and even a beginner could probably fly it! I will keep it until it won’t fly again.




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