Will THIS Motor work with THIS plane? OR what other arfs could it work with?

24 07 2009



Modified Parkzone T-28

22 07 2009

Ok-so I got a nice modified Parkzone Trojan-It looks incredible. It is underpowered because of the added weight-but it still climbs fast-and doesn’t stall easily. It glides FOREVER. It looks great in the air. Ill put up a video in a few days or so.

Specs: Wingspan: 44 in (1118mm)

Overall Length: 36 in (914mm)

Flying Weight: 33 oz, from the stock of 30 oz (875 g)

Motor Size: PKZ 480 960Kv outrunner brushless motor (STOCK)

Servos: 3-wire servos (STOCK)

Prop Size: 9.5 x 7.5

Speed Control : E-flite 25A Pro Brushless ESC with Switch Mode BEC (EFLA1030)

Battery: 3-cell 1800mAh Li-Po battery (STOCK)


E-Flite Enticement Maidened! Flew Like A Trainer, But It Can Do 3D Aerobatics!

7 07 2009

Takeoff and upwind climb: The plane took off in its own length, and flew like a trainer on takeoff. Its roll rate was slow because we were flying it with a 20% filled lipo.

Flight: Flew great! We were flying in 5-10 MPH gusts, and it was a little hard in this, but it took it! I tried to hover, but at that time the battery was so low that I needed full throttle to do it, so I don’t know how it hovers yet. Its rolls were slow, but also because of low battery.

Descent, landing: I had to turn around and come back to final a lot, but once the head wind stopped, it slowly elevatored to the ground and softly landed. We modified it with landing gear, so it is much easier to fly now!

Conclusion: The plane flew great, and even a beginner could probably fly it! I will keep it until it won’t fly again.

Extra 250 Maidened! Flew Great, But Control Surface Throws NEED To Be Lowered.

7 07 2009

Motor start up and taxiing: As we taxied the plane out to the runway, we knoticed that the aileron throws were REALLY high, along with the elevator throws. We decided to fly anyway.

Takeoff and upwind climb: As you may see in the video, the plane took some time to takeoff, and once it did, we tried to get it to bank slightly to the left, but it banked a LOT to the left. Once it was up, it was clear this was a VERY twitchy plane and the control throws NEEDED to be lowered.

Flight: The flight was fine, we just had to be sure to use VERY LITTLE aileron. The roll rate was INSANE.

Descent, landing: On base leg, it slowed down fine. The plane turned onto final, and once it was about 20 feet from the runway, we were using aileron to correct the plane to keep lined up with the runway. But, it started to bank left, the right, then left, as it was at flare speed. We sped it up, and it just plopped very softly onto the runway and came to a stop.

Conclusion: The plane flew great, but it needs to be modified to have less control throws. It is an ADVANCED model.

Maiden Post!

4 07 2009

Hey all! Happy Fourth! First post up here…this is my “website” now. Im currently running my Youtube channel-RedDevilSquadron (http://www.youtube.com/user/RedDevilSquadron) and am using this as a more info kind of site. I am currently 14 and am DEDICATED to RC flying. I own a 1.20 sized spacewalker, a .25 sized extra 250, and an E-flite Enticement. Ill keep on Blogging! Happy Landings!


Me and the Enticement.

Me and the Enticement.